Local, Sustainable, Pre-Fabricated Huts

Hyla Huts are a building system focused on high quality, simple structures that leave the world a better place. We're doing this with timber-framed cabins grown, milled and manufactured right here in Northwest Oregon. The Hyla Hut pre-fabricated kit is built to a Northwest minimalist design- full of glass, doors, and beautiful overhangs. We deliver a kit to you, then work with you or select contractors to build on a site of your own. We emphasize simplicity, enabling you to build it yourself quickly and efficiently. Keep reading for more on our process.

Hut Details

Explore below for current models, the building system, and planning for your Hyla Hut


Over the coming weeks we will be releasing the preliminary 3 models. The smallest of these, at a diminutive 70 square feet, is perfect for a backyard office or sauna. The largest, at 200 square feet, is ready to become your backcountry (or backyard) retreat. 7×10 10×20 Custom

HH System

Hyla Huts utilize a post and beam system supported by a pier foundation. All of the structural timbers are Douglas fir, grown and milled at Hyla Woods. Mortise and tenon joints hold the timbers together, locked in place with hardwood pegs. The roof and wall systems arrive as pre-fabricated panels. The roof is fully insulated […]


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