Hyla Huts was started to make simple housing and structures that are more accessible, sustainable, and beautiful. The tandem goal was to find better ways to use high quality Douglas fir logs grown at Hyla Woods, a multi-generational family forest in Northwest Oregon. Hyla Huts was started by Ben Hayes as a project of Springboard Forestry and Hyla Woods.

The idea for Hyla Huts grew from the idea for a simple honeymoon cabin and a pile of logs. Within a few months and following a wedding, the idea had grown beyond the honeymoon cabin. The next few years saw scheming, planning, gaining skills, and a few more prototype cabins.

Today, Hyla Huts operates out of a barn shop in Timber, OR and utilizes the Hyla Woods sawmill in Gaston, OR. We are a small, startup family business and look forward to helping you realize your hut dreams. Our goal is to build beautiful cabins in a way that supports an equitable and ecologically conscious regional economy.