We are sure that you are simply brimming with questions! Here is an initial attempt to answer some of the most common queries that we get: 

Q: Why should I buy a Hyla Hut? 

A: Because everyone needs a beautiful and simple home that creates positive ecological and social changes in forests and rural communities! We’re excited about the positive change that better buildings can have on the world. Our long-term goal is to reach a price point where Hyla Huts can build non-subsidized affordable housing that any of our employees or contractors can afford to purchase. 

Q: I like the concept, but want to change some things. Can I do that? 

A: Yes, absolutely. We like the standard packages for each size and designed them to account for aesthetics, cost, energy performance, and other factors, but see many reasons you might want something different. Changes start at $5,000 and primarily reflect the design and manufacturing cost required to build something different from the base package. Your changes may only cost $5,000, or they may add significant material and manufacturing expense. The $5,000 payment is non-refundable and due prior to design / manufacturing alterations. The only basic requirements are ventilation and 1 door. 

Q: What about insulation?

A: We love insulation! The roof comes pre-insulated to approximately R40. The walls are 4” thick and come with exposed studs ready to accept insulation of your choosing. The floor cavity is open on the bottom and can accept up to 8” of any insulation type. 

Q: What is the interior of the kit like?  

A: It’s beautiful in a rustic sort of way- ready for the finishing touches that you want to add. The ceiling is a-grade plywood. All you need is to trim around the beams and it will look great. The walls have 6’ openings with studs ready to accept any type of wall covering: wood paneling, drywall, or something else. We think that drywall with American Plaster looks great! Under your feet is a plywood sub-floor, all though we are happy to deliver wood flooring as part of your kit. 

Q: What if I am on a steep slope, unstable soils, or worried about code compliance? 

A: All kits are designed to comply with standard code requirements, but if in doubt you may want to contract with our architectural partner, Minarek Architects, to do a code and permitting review for you. Many municipalities do not require permits for structures under 200 square feet. Cabin kits over 200 square feet typically do require a code review as part of the planning process (hence the large price jump for everything larger than 200 square feet). We can complete these same reviews for any of our structures. At the end of the day though, we cannot guarantee that our system will work on your site unless the proper studies and reviews are completed. To accomplish this, please reach out and we can put you in touch with the right folks. 

Q:I want a deck, can you do that? 

A: Hyla Huts come with just the hut kit, however you should be able to construct a deck adjacent to any wall of a Hyla Hut. We particularly like a deck outside the sliding glass doors, and a nice walkway up to the front door. Many decks do, however, require a permit. 

Q: Timeline, how long will it take to get this thing? 

A: We are a small startup business and may have a hard time guaranteeing a delivery date. That is why we have a relatively small deposit (10%, 5% refundable) to hold your spot in line, with the larger payments due when we begin manufacturing (40%) and the remainder (50%) due upon delivery. We will do our absolute best to communicate honestly with you about the timeline. Once your kit enters manufacturing it will be out the door relatively quickly. 

Q: Cost- how much do these things cost? 

A: Costs may change over time, but the basic kits under 200 square feet are $100 / square foot (eg. a 70 square foot kit costs $7,000 plus delivery). Larger kits are quoted on a case by case basis. Any changes to the standard kit begin with a $5,000 non-refundable payment for design and manufacturing changes.