Wood makes up 100% of the structure of a Hyla Hut. Our design is unique in that the vertical loads are carried by a true timber frame. These 6″ by 6″ posts, and the overlaid beam and rafter system are exposed on the interior of the structure. This approach marries traditional mortise and tenon joinery to modern design. Our approach also relies on timbers that you cannot simply buy at a lumber yard.

The structural wood for Hyla Huts is sourced entirely from Hyla Woods, a family forest and sawmill located in Northwest Oregon. You can learn more about forest practices and certification at www.hylawoods.com. The idea of creating Hyla Huts is directly tied to the stewardship of forests and forestland.

Our goal with all of the materials for Hyla Huts is to source in a manner that supports ecologically complex systems and equitable communities. This includes metal roofing that is rolled just down the road by a small business and foundation post brackets manufactured by a father-daughter team. We are also able to help you source materials from even closer to home. If you have some trees that have come down, or an idea for a way to improve the material sourcing on a hut, just let us know. We’re excited about how we can work together on this.