Once the hut kit is delivered to site, you can DIY the construction, hire a contractor, or combine the two. The smallest huts (under 200 square feet) can typically be installed in a few days with a crew of 4-6 people. Larger huts (200 square feet and up) may require a crane or lots of planning to place the primary beams. 

The building process can be completed with not much more than a screw gun, a circular saw, and some nails . The buildings sit on pier foundations which must be completed with poured-in-place brackets prior to kit delivery. The finished kit is fully enclosed, but we leave the interior finishes, and floor and wall insulation up to you. The structure is however weather tight and can serve as a simple off-grid retreat right from day 1. 

We also offer kits for wood flooring, wood paneling, and a simple modular kitchen. These can be provided with your kit or after the fact.