Hyla Huts allow owners to build and develop as they choose, in the size that they choose, and at a cost that they choose. In addition, your purchase supports local value added manufacturing jobs, a cottage industry of woodcrafters, and conservation-oriented forestry! 

Our approach aims to build social and financial equity in the built environment and opens the door to building ownership in a variety of manners and locations. What does this mean on the ground? You can start out with a basic timber frame which doesn’t cost much. You can help to build it yourself, investing sweat equity. Our smaller models can easily be built by a group of friends on weekends. You can expand and upgrade over time. 

You will have created equity that is rooted in place, and you’ve probably had a heck of a lot of fun doing it. But you need to start with a plan. Do you have a backyard or a back 40? Either might work, but first reach out and we can help you gauge feasibility for your site. We can then work through options, determine the best hut or huts to suit your needs, and the planning and permitting steps that the kit might require. Once we have a solid plan, it’s time to get a kit.