Hyla Huts use an innovative timber frame construction with modular panels- allowing for a range of sizes and layouts with no internal load-bearing walls. Rather than some complicated system that is hard to understand, our system is a beautiful timber structure with pre-cut joints, panels, and systems. If you can put together an Ikea bookshelf, or even if you can’t, you can put up one of our smaller huts! 

Hyla Huts kits under 200 square feet can be picked up in Timber, OR or delivered anywhere in Oregon or Washington . Larger kits, or kits going outside of the area, can be shipped. All of the components that you need to build the hut arrive in the kit- from nails right up through wall panels. A convenient step by step guide will help walk you or your contractor through the process of building the hut. 

Huts can be completed as a DIY project or with the help of a general contractor. In some cases we may be able to help with assembly of the kit if you are based in Oregon or Washington.