The 10×20 Hyla Hut kit is a fantastic solution for a backyard studio or backcountry getaway. This size balances afford-ability with true usability. It’s a wonderful place to spend a weekend, week, or even live full time. Application include vacation cabins, farm housing, ADUs, detached bedrooms, or even a full time home! 

The 10×20 hut, at just under 200 square feet, can be built as non habitable structures without permits in some jurisdiction (check with local planning authorities). They are also the largest size that is easy to build for most people without a contractor or crane. 

This document outlines the basic details of the standard 10×20 Hyla Hut, and the framework for constructing any customized 10×20 models. We hope that you are as excited to get in a Hyla Hut as we are to fabricate yours! 

The Hyla Hut sits on a pier foundation system. The piers are the responsibility of the builder, however plans provided during the construction process guide the size, location, and details of the foundation. 

The piers can be poured with no pre-installed post bracket. A high quality aluminum post bracket is installed using concrete screws on the top of the pier. This allows for fine tuning the squareness of the foundation, with posts cut to achieve a level support for the structure. 

Hyla Huts can be built on moderate slopes. The posts diminish ecological impact on the landscape and match the building aesthetics. Decks may be built adjacent to the structure, but should not rely on the same posts / piers without engineer review. 

Want to build on a slab? We may be able to accommodate that with our semi-custom options. 

To achieve simplicity of construction, the entire 10×20 Hyla Hut sits on two large beams (20’ long each) tied together with pre-cut 2” floor joists that fit into notches in the floor beams.  A unique locking joint in each corner helps to align the structure (we also take pride in the beautiful joint, although it’s mostly hidden after construction). 

Pre-cut 3/4” plywood sub-floor is installed over the floor joists, ready to accept flooring or finish of your choice. The floor is insulation-ready. Bat or other insulation may be installed during construction or afterwards, although we recommend a wire-mesh or similar beneath to protect against rodents. 

The core structure of any Hyla Hut is a pre-cut timberframe with simple, strong and beautiful wood joinery. The system uses mortises and tenons with wooden pegs,  as well as a handful of more complicated scarf and half-lap joints. You don’t need to pay attention to the details though, that’s our job. 

The joinery is fabricated prior to shipping and labeled according to our installation manual. The frame should go up in one day with a crew of helpers or small crane / lift. 

By using a timber frame to support the structure, there is no requirement  for internal load bearing walls (put them anywhere!), and we have designed the basic package to provide sufficient shear strength. The frame is visible on the roof and walls, and your finishes will install between the posts and beams, creating a simple finishing process. Plus, the exposed wood gives warmth and strength to your final space. 

The roof uses a panelized system pre-insulated during fabrication. Each panel is 4’ x 8’ and weighs between 60 lbs and 120 lbs, depending on where in the structure it is located. 

To install the roof panels, they are lifted and fit into place, caulked and nailed from the top through a small nailing fin. Next, the bottom of the panel is unscrewed, insulation is inspected for any cracking that may have occurred during transportation, and any required repairs are made using canned spray foam. Caulk is installed around the perimeter of each panel to guarantee building tightness. 

Finally, the sides of the panel are nailed to the rafters and the bottom sheathing is re-installed. A small opening will exist around the edge of each panel that may be covered with trim. 

Hyla Hut walls are pre-built panels with nailing fins that extend over the exterior of the post and beam structure. These simple panels slide into place and are nailed from the outside and around the interior perimeter. 

Our wall panels come with Western Red Cedar board and batten siding pre-installed, entirely grown, milled and processed at Hyla Woods. Extra boards and battens are provided along with fasteners and seam tape for the junctions between wall panels and around windows / doors. Siding is installed with a rain-screen system between the siding and the exterior building sheathing. This allows the building to properly breath and move moisture. 

Various shades of stain are available at no additional cost and are determined during the planning process. 

Hyla Huts specifies high quality double pane insulated windows with wood interiors for all standard packages. We have put a lot of thought into a standard arrangement, which balances airflow and aesthetics with cost and difficulty of installation. 

The size and location of the windows and doors create the greatest amount of glazing possible without specialized engineering or expensive, custom-built windows. In addition, the sliding door and small opening window create cross-ventilation. 

By specifying a low-sloped roof, the two large direct-set windows help to frame the view provide excellent thermal properties, while still being relatively easy to transport and install with a small crew. 

Window changes are possible with a semi-custom option. Please reach out if this is of interest to you.