Hyla Huts utilize a post and beam system supported by a pier foundation. All of the structural timbers are Douglas fir, grown and milled at Hyla Woods.

Mortise and tenon joints hold the timbers together, locked in place with hardwood pegs. The roof and wall systems arrive as pre-fabricated panels. The roof is fully insulated before delivery, and just requires nailing in place, checking and sealing the insulation, and installation of an interior plywood cover. The walls slide in between the posts and lock into place. The basic package includes beautiful windows, and high quality doors to effectively weather seal the space.

We are focused in sustainability and equity in materials, manufacturing, delivery, and throughout the lifespan of a Hyla Hut. The solid wood is entirely grown on one of 3 Hyla Woods forests and milled on site, while we source local plywood from certified manufacturers who’s practices align with our own. The joinery and assembly takes place in Northwest Oregon before the entire kit is delivered to the site. Whenever possible, we want to meet the clients, visit the site, and help to get the project started on the ground.

The basic kit comes with everything required to build your Hyla Hut on a pier foundation (poured at least a month prior to installation). The basic sizes include 7’x10′, 13’6″x10′, and 20’x10′. Larger custom huts are in increments of 20′. In many jurisdictions, buildings under 200 square feet may be built without permits (check your local authorities first), while larger Hyla Huts will require additional planning.

If you are interested in learning more about the system, please feel free to get in touch! We would love to help you realize your Hut dreams.